STEVE FERRIS grew up in a zany, creative household. His father ran a prestigious graphic arts special effects company, providing post-production for many New York ad agencies. Dinner conversations were filled with iconic top names in advertising, illustration, and design. When his father showed him an original Frank Frazetta painting “The Berserker”, Ferris knew art would be his life’s path. While studying Advertising, Art & Design at Farmingdale State University, Ferris mastered figure drawing under the direction of Professor Rafael DeSoto.


Ferris began his career illustrating book covers – debuting with “Outlaw of Mars” by Leigh Brackett. He then landed a commission to illustrate 15 book covers with Nelson Doubleday Science Fiction Book Club book. Ferris then went on to pencil drawings for ABC’s Dynasty and the Fall Guy. In 1999, Ferris met his life long idol at the grand opening of the Frazetta Museum and Estate in East Stroudsburg, PA. Ferris recalls of Frazetta: Frank went over to his works on the wall and started pointing. “One day!” he said. “One day is all that took!” Then the next one … “One day!” Then another… “One day!”, his wife Ellie chimed in dryly, “Really Frank, Don’t let him fool you!” Frank smiled and winked at Ellie, “OK! Maybe two days on that one!” Influenced by his hero, Ferris creates his own unique spellbinding imagery with his artistic genius that reflects the fire in his heart.


Ferris lives in Long Island, NY with his wife and two sons.






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